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2009 Financing Predictions

(Courtesy of Todd Huettner, Huettner Capital)

Todd Huettner’s 2009 Real Estate Financing Predictions

In no particular order:
– The housing market will bottom in the second quarter of 2009 stabilizing the financial markets and the economy.
– Mortgage interest rates will not go as low as many predict causing many homeowners to wait too long to realize huge savings from refinancing.
– Mortgage rates will be volatile yet remain in a 0.5% trading range with national averages between 4.875% and 5.375%. Rates for highly qualified borrowers are 0.125% – 0.250% lower.
– Borrowers will intentionally not take tax deductions to increase their income, and even amend prior returns, to qualify for loans due to the elimination of stated income programs.
– Tighter credit will prevent many borrowers from obtaining loans leading to an increase in owner financing and rent to own transactions.
– Rent rates will continue to rise as vacancy rates fall. Having been through a foreclosure/short sale or unable to qualify for loans with higher lending standards, a large group of people will have to rent homes for several years.
– While rates will remain relatively low for much of the year, tighter underwriting guidelines and regulations will increase the total cost of lending.

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