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6 Reasons Why Some Homes Sell

Why do some houses sell and others don’t? There’s no ultimate answer to this question, but Tribune Media Services columnist Ilyce Glink has a theory.

Here are her six top reasons properties linger on the market:
    * Lousy pictures on the Web.
    * Priced too high for the neighborhood.
    * Blah interior; ho-hum landscaping.
    * Little online marketing and hard-to-find MLS listings.
    * Low commissions. Practitioners make sure their customers see properties that offer a payoff.
    * Miserable maintenance, including ceiling stains, leaky faucets, and ancient furnaces.
Source: Tribune Media Services, Ilyce Glink (08/02/2009)

Her list appears to catch most of the no-no’s when selling your home. Most of these are the agent’s fault. The agent and seller need to be on the same page. If the seller isn’t willing to do what it takes to sell their home, the agent shouldn’t take the listing!