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I recently lost about 25 pounds and I wanted to share how I was able to do it.

I’ve always known that diets don’t work in the long run and what I needed to do was burn more calories than I was taking in. Sure, I can count calories, but how do I know how many calories I’m burning?!

The bodybugg is a small device worn on the upper arm that will track how many calories you burn, whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or out for a walk. When I wear any kind of golf shirt or dress shirt, noone even knows I’m wearing the device. The online program that accompanies the device will show you how many calories you’ve eaten and how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day, taking the guess work out of losing weight! You can set up any kind of weight loss program that fits your lifestyle and goals. I’ve recently changed my program to reflect my new goal so I can continue to get in better shape and not revert back to my old habits and weight.

The cost is $200-$250 depending on whether you buy it online or at a 24 Hour Fitness club. I think this is a very small price to pay to become healthier and acheive your weight loss goals.

I HIGHLY recommend the bodybugg!…………..and no…I’m not a paid endorser. : )