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Car Seat Safety

Thanks to Jon Cordonier at Amerinsur for this great article…
We all have visions of struggling to install a car seat for our children or grandchildren…Latches, straps and bulky plastic combined with cramped quarters make it hard to install…But almost 2/3 of all automobile deaths
for children under age 15 are due to improper restraints.
Here are some key points for car seat installation and other child auto safety that could help make your family safer:
  1. Select a car seat with the highest weight limit (usually 35 lbs) to keep the little one in the seat as long as possible
  2. Pick a car seat with a 5-point safety harness
  3. For rear facing seats, make sure that a maximum 45-degree lean angle is observed
  4. Finally, keep the chest clip at the armpit level, not too high on the neck or too low on the stomach.
  5. Make sure all straps fit snugly
Also, follow these general rules for older children in your car to maximize safety:
  1. Children have a much higher rate of survival during an automobile crash when they are in the back seat. This is always true for kids 12 and younger.
  2. Front facing seating systems should ideally be used until a child is at least 8 years old or 4’ 9” tall.
More information and detailed steps can be reviewed online at All of us here at Amerinsur, LLC wish you continued health and safety.”
Jon Cordonier
Amerinsur, LLC