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Hey Drew, Where Are Your Listings?!

I had someone ask me the other day where my listings/closings are on my site, so I thought I would share that information with everyone.

My listings/closings are divided between three different sections under the Homes for Sale heading: Active ("My Featured Listings"), Under Contract ("My Homes Under Contract") and Sold ("My Homes Sold"). You might notice that some homes have "No Price" next to them. That is a home that my client is buying or has bought. I choose not to broadcast the price on those homes to respect my client’s privacy.

If I don’t have any homes in a particular section, it will say "No Matching Properties" and give you the option of searching the MLS.

If you ever get a Google map error when looking at one of the pages noted above, it’s probably because you have a "." in the web address after ".com". Just correct the address and you shouldn’t get that error anymore.

Thanks, Drew