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Incorrect and Incomplete MLS Entries


“Many in real estate delude themselves if a home has the right price it overcomes all objections and will sell if placed in the MLS. I disagree. My proof are the thousands of MLS listings that expire or withdrawn every day without ever selling. Since I specialized in expired listings for a long time I have found there is always a reason why homes do not sell. Contrary to what many believe in our business, it isn’t always the price that prevents a sale.

Sometimes the listing languishes on in the MLS system for years and — no sale, and the reason? The listing is totally flawed! Incorrect data, price, directions, wrong MLS areas, and missing data prevent anyone from finding the listing.”

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This is why I send the MLS data sheet to my client as soon as it’s in the MLS. I have proofread the information I input, but I want my client to see it as well. Another pair of eye never hurts and they like having the input on what agents and buyers are seeing.