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Janus fund manager buys most expensive home in Denver area this year

(source: John Rebchook,

“Laurent Saltiel knows something about finding values in stocks – and maybe something about values in super luxury homes in the Denver area.

In April, Saltiel was named the manager of Janus Worldwide, symbol JAWWX. The mutual fund is up slightly more than 29 percent so this year.

And the first that he ran before replacing Jason Yee as manager of  Janus Worldwide, Janus Adviser International Equity, performed even better, up 42.27 percent year-to-date. Morningstar applauded Saltiel’s appointment.

And last month, Saltiel and his wife, Kimberly, paid $7.6 million for a home in Cherry Hills, show public records.

Edie Marks, the broker with the Kentwood Co.,  who sold the home, told me earlier that she believed that was the most expensive home to sell so far this year in the Denver area, although she would not disclose the buyer. 

The home, with 16,000-square-feet of completed space was built by well-respected interior designer and builder, Debra Toney.  Toney build the home on the estate that previously was owned by golf pro Craig Stadler. In better times, the home likely could have fetched more than $8 million.

Maybe Saltiel believes the home on more than five acres is an under-valued asset.”