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Living Debt Free

My wife and I have been "following" Dave Ramsey for about 9 months and have been working his plan to get out of debt for about 3 months. He's the really loud guy on the radio and TV always yelling at the banks and credit card companies and trying to teach people how to live debt free.

We went to his seminar in CO Springs this weekend and it was great! There were 2 things that really stood out…

1.  Sure he's selling product, but you don't have to buy ANYTHING to follow his plan. If you decided you wanted to buy one of his products, almost all of them are under $200, so it's very reasonably priced. It's not some crazy $5,000 package you have to buy or anything.

2. The plan is NOT a "get rich" scheme. It's a life long plan that will leave you with no debt, tons of cash, a fully funded retirement and the ability to give generously to whomever you want. 

Sure, most of it is common sense, but to have such a clear plan to implement is really a blessing. We both wish we had this plan when we were 18. We would be in a completely different position than we are now.

Here are my notes from the seminar (10 MB PDF file)