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Replace or Reglaze Tub?

Saw this in the weekend paper…

“Taking on a home-improvement project can be intimidating in these tough times, but the folks at Angie’s List note that there are lower-cost ways of tackling some big-budget projects.

One option they recommend: Reglaze your existing bathtub rather than replace it.

The cost of a new bathtub can start anywhere from $200 to $600, and some tubs can cost thousands, depending on the size and features, such as jets. In addition, replacing a bathtub usually involves more than just buying a new tub — you may have to move or replace plumbing.

On the other hand, reglazing the bathtub with a new enamel finish in a color you choose typically ranges from $300-$600 and you don’t have to factor in the expense of ripping out the old tub.”