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Short-circuiting malaria

(source: Newsweek)

“Philip Eckhoff and Karima Nigmatulina don’t need to be working in this drab concrete building tucked away in an office park in Bellevue, Wash., a place where cloudy days outnumber sunny ones and where the only perks are the once-a-week pizza lunch and free snacks from Costco. In fact, they could probably be working anywhere. Nigmatulina is 25 years old and already has a Ph.D. from MIT in operations research. Eckhoff, 27, has a Ph.D. in math from Princeton and was a Hertz Foundation fellow, an honor bestowed on the nation’s top graduate students in science and engineering. So why aren’t they making big bucks on Wall Street or down in Silicon Valley, trying to get rich at some startup?”

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