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Water, Smoke, Fire in your home – Don’t get ripped off!

My mom recently had a water heater leak at her townhome. She called a "disaster recovery" company (like ServPro, Service Masters, etc) and they're estimate for the work was over $2,000!!!! I had my handyman go over there and his charge was around $700. The "disaster recovery" companies prey on the emotions of homeowners going through a difficult situation and charge outrageous amounts for work that can be done for MUCH less.

Oh and the "other" company is charging her over $200 just for the quote!!!! I told her not to pay it, obviously, or they can talk to me about it.

Moral of the story? If you ever have a water/smoke/fire issue at your home, please call one of my trusted contractors first. These three come to mind right away…

Jim Ince – Small and large jobs

Aromatix – Odor remediation
Lynda Harper

Peterson Group – Bigger updating/renovating jobs
Ryan Campbell