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What does this mean for you?

Showing traffic for Your Castle listings is up about 10% in January ’13 vs. January ’12.

What does this mean for you?

Buyers: Homes are going under contract quickly, so we need to see new listings quickly, write offers quickly and not “think about it” too long, and write realistic offers.

Sellers:  If you are thinking of selling and plan to wait until spring or summer, I would LIST NOW.  There is very little competition active on the market, so you will get more exposure now than you might by waiting.

Sellers:  The average listing in January had 13.0 showings.  Below, you can find details for your price segment.  If you are getting fewer than your fair share of showings, then your price might need an adjustment.

Showings / active listing by asking price

< $50,000                               –
$50,001 To $100,000        8.1
$100,001 To $150,000      9.9
$150,001 To $200,000    12.5
$200,001 To $250,000    15.6
$250,001 To $300,000    14.8
$300,001 To $350,000    14.7
$350,001 To $400,000      5.7
$400,001 To $450,000    17.9
$450,001 ++                       20.4

Average                               13.0