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Why you should list your home now

Your Castle Real Estate had an average of 7.3 showings per listing in December 2011.  This is down a little from November 2011, which had 8.6.  It’s a normal seasonal decline.

In contrast, in December 2010, we had 4.4 showings per listing.  You might recall that Jan and Feb 2011 were terrible months for the Denver market.  This December looks a lot better than last December.  It suggests that our 1st Q 2012 will be a lot stronger than our 1st Q 2011.

The problem, of course, is that the number of active listings is down quite a bit, so there aren't enough homes for the number of buyers that are looking.

If you're considering listing your home, I would not wait a few months for the “typical” sales season.  I would encourage you to list now while the inventory is really, really low.  If priced well, it should get a lot of activity.

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