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Try Island Living (Kitchen Island, that is)

Alison Cayne opened Haven’s Kitchen, a cooking school and café in New York City, knowing that everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen—”even if they don’t cook. It’s where everyone feels happy.” So when she designed her own kitchen, she made sure her loved ones had plenty of opportunities for joy.

On Entertaining: “If you’ve had a hand in something, it’ll taste better. Sometimes I’ll have people roll their own veggie wraps, or set out flatbreads from Hot Bread Kitchen and let guests top their own. For some parties, I put out pots of herbs with scissors and let people snip away.”

On Prepping for Success: “I feel the pressure: People expect me to run my kitchen like a pro. So I have things prepped: If I’m having a party at 8, I’m done cooking by 7:30, take a shower, squeeze some lemon, add some herbs, and I’m good.”

Keep the Food Simple
“I don’t like to have a ton of pots going on. In winter, I’ll do a tagine. In summer, D.I.Y. fish tacos or a big bowl of gazpacho.”


Go for Full Transparency
The glass door on her Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator ensures that Cayne stays tidy—even with five kids in the house. Before parties, she checks to see that her prepped herbs are looking good.

(content courtesy of Bon Appetit)