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Turn Your Kitchen into a Restaurant

Italian architect and Boffi designer Piero Lissoni transformed his Tuscan kitchen into a Japanese restaurant, seating guests around him while he cooks. “For me, the kitchen is like a twilight zone,” he says. “Hanging around with your friends or family, everything becomes a bit more relaxed.”

On Entertaining
“I designed this kitchen because I like the social qualities of life. Traditionally speaking, food is a social moment in Italy. We glue our family and our society together around food. This is exactly the same: I use the kitchen like a glue.”


Mix Up the Seating
Lissoni likes to play with genres around the counter. He has Fritz Hansen stools, French bistro chairs, and ones designed by James Irvine for Cappellini in the ‘90s—an influence seen in these Tom Dixon Slab chairs.

Keep It Super Clean
The island surrounding the Boffi cooking component is both workspace and dining table, putting Lissoni—who loves acting the pro cook—on the spot. “Confusion near food is a disaster,” he says.


Show Off Your Stuff
When making risotto alla Milanese, Lissoni prefers to use an aluminum pan. He swears by the La Cintura pots by fellow Italian design stars Alessi.

(Content courtesy of Bon Appetit)